Pure Commitment to Mastic Asphalt


Our contracting division completes waterproofing, flooring, paving and hydraulic contracts throughout the UK and Ireland. Contracts valued at £1,000 to £500,000 have been completed successfully by Pure Asphalt on roads and bridges, tunnels, schools and hospitals in addition to multi-storey car parks and hydraulic works on reservoirs water pipelines and sea defences.

Pure Asphalt contracting teams provide competitive prices to both main contractors and other mastic asphalt applicators.

We have the equipment, product, delivery capacity and the experience, to frequently offer lower prices to the trade for horizontal asphalt applications on contracts than they can provide in house.

We operate a large fleet of different sized mastic asphalt mixers from ½ tonne to 16 tonnes capacity, together with a range of bespoke items of plant and equipment designed to improve the aesthetic quality and the unit productivity of our asphalt teams output.