Pure Commitment to Mastic Asphalt


Mastic asphalt is suitable for a wide range of flat roofing applications. The product can be delivered to site, direct from the factory at the correct temperature for instant installation making it a very swift process.

A roof can be quickly and efficiently waterproofed allowing other trades on site, often within hours.

We manufacture the following waterproofing products:

Polymer modified

Pacoflex which is guaranteed and backed by a British Board of Agrement certificate No. 11/4859

T grade roofing

The standard roofing product which has been used for many years

We also provide services for waterproofing, civic buildings (schools, hospitals, courts, offices, commercial properties, car parks (multi-storey, bridge decks, structures, tunnels and paving over cellars, tank rooms in buildings.

All products are manufactured under a quality management system – ISO 9001:2008. Mastic asphalt roofing is applied to the Code of practice for Mastic Asphalt Roofing BS 8218:1998.

Pureflect Solar Reflective Coating

Pureflect Solar Reflective Coating is a superior, alcohol based, solar reflective coating and when applied to a variety of roofing substrates, provides lasting protection against UV degradation and solar heat gain. Download a PDF copy of our Technical Data Sheet Pureflect Solar Reflective Coating TDS – Jan 17

Pure Asphalt – Safety Data Sheets

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